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How To Remove Retail Mode (Demo Mode) On Samsung Mobile

In this post, I will teach you how to remove Samsung phone demo mode or retail mode.Some demo phone's comes from many samsung sales point.When the phones become old, they sell the demo phones at a low price.

So let us see how we will remove this phone's demo mode :

1. Go to Samsung Retail and put password 5444 then select disable factory reset use password M729Q16K8546.Do factory reset and wait for the phone to turn on.

2. After phones on , pull down the top screen and you can see the settings.

Go to about phone and select build number , tap it 7 times and once developer 
options is enabled go to Oem unlock in developer options and slide it to on.
Do not worry about sab debugging.

3.Switch the phone off and try to put it in download mode by holding vol - , bixby and power. ( if in case it powers on then go to settings-lock screen and security and allow device manager to on or activate).

4. Once in download mode , root the phone with cf auto root firmware for the corresponding models .

5. After rooting if phone stuck at boot reflash with stock firmware .Make sure the warranty is void and Knox is tripped.

6.power on the phone , connect to WiFi and complete setup.After home screen phone will again try customise or setup Knox .Do not panic it will automatically and your home button will be working and play store app will be there as well.

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