Easily Reinstall Mac OS & Erase All On Macbook Pro/Air [3 Method To Reset]

Alright So Now We Are Going To Reinstall The Latest Mac OS On Any Macbook / Macbook Air And Macbook Pro. Reinstalling System is Same For All.

My Desktop is Looking Very Nasty And I Installed a Lot OF Application in This Macbook. Now I Want To Sell This Macbook That's Why I Reinstall The Mac OS And Make My Macbook Fresh And Looks Cool So My Macbook Buyer Will Be Happy To See. But in your case there may be a different reason To Reinstall But The Process Always Same.

Before Reinstall Mac OS - You Need To Do This Steps: 1. You Must Need To Connect A Strong Wifi Network Otherwise The Installation Process Will Take A Lot Of Time. 2. Connect The Power Cable IF Your Battery Health is Very Poor . For Avoid Unnecessary Risk You Must Plug The Charging Cable 3. Sign Out Your Apple Account, After Reinstall Mac OS IF You See You Forget Your Apple Account Password So You Will Get A Little Trouble To Recover It. 4. Move Your IMPORTANT Files To Your Pendrive Or Somewhere Cause You Know After Reinstalling MacOS You Lose All Your Data, Everythings Will Be Erase. How To Reinstall Mac OS : First Power OFF Your Macbook Here I Show You Some 3 Different Keyboard Combinations To Reinstall MacOS. # IF You Press SHIFT + OPTION + COMMAND + R So You Will Get Back Your First Mac Operating System That Came With Your Macbook When It Was Released For The First Time. # IF Your Press OPTION + COMMAND + R So Your Macbook Will be Upgrade With the Latest Mac OS Version. # Now The Final Option And That's Always Recommend From Apple Which is COMMAND + R It Will Reinstall Your Mac OS With The Latest Version, This Time Macos Big Sur is The Latest Version But IF You Try This Method After 6 Month So Then You Will Get A New Version OF MacOS Which it Latest On That Time.

Start Reinstalling MacOS Big Sur 2021:

Press COMMAND + R And Press Power Button For 3 Second Then Release The Power Button But Keep Hold COMMAND + R Until You See The Apple Logo is Loading. * Okay Here You Go To The Disk Utility And Erase The Main SSD Partition. IF You Click This Show All Option Then You Can Access This Partition. Okay So Erase Complete. *Now We Back From Here And Click Reinstall Mac OS. That's It. I Think It's A Very Simple STEP TO Do This Process. *Now You Have To Wait Until Setup is Complete. This Setup Time Totally Depends On Your Internet Speed. For My Side My Internet Speed is Almost 10 MBPS Per Second And It Takes 11 Hour To Complete, It's Very Difficult IF Your Internet Speed is Poor. And i Also Mention IF Your Internet Goes For Some Reason So You Will GET A Error But That's Not A Big Problem , So That Just Erase AGAIN And Reinstall One More Time. So Keep Waiting Here But I Skip This Installation Part. 6 Hour Later: I Think Your Install is Done Now We Simply Setup This By Default. So Everything IS Done I Hope You Also Done With Me. But IF Someone Faces Any Problem So Comment Below I Will Try To Reply You , Thanks For Watching ,IF The Video Can Help YouA Little So You Can Like This Video And Hit The Subscribe Button To Inspire Me.

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